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We provide you with all the details you need, to allow you to bid on any diamond you see. Crossing geographies, and allowing you to bid your price on our diverse tender inventory from anywhere around the world.

Logistics and Operations
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UNI presents the most diverse and available inventory out there. All natural, polished and certified, and brought in from different manufacturers from all around the world.

Minimum Bid

Bid the price that suits you, effectively providing you the opportunity to own the diamond you need at your desired price.

Gemologist Consultation

For tender events UNI offers, for free, an online gemologist consultation, to increase your confidence in what you see. Just schedule your time in advance.


UNI creates a digital certificate for every diamond in addition to the existing lab certificate to add extra information and to enhance its long term value. The digital certificate includes additional gemological information such as inclusion details, luster, shades, bowtie, etc. Furthermore, we provide you with top of the art video and photography that enables buyers to receive all the data required to make their purchasing decision easier.

Transparent Fee
Only 3%

UNI charges only a 3% fee which is included in the total agreed upon amount. All logistic, insurance and payment fees are included as well.
No hidden fees, No monthly subscription,
no overly priced commissions.


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