Instant Global Exposure

Have your diamond instantly exposed to buyers from around world. UNI was created to help you extend your reach and to be your global marketing agency, working for you 24/7, 365 days a year with one clear target, have your diamond sold

Digital Certificate

UNI creates a digital certificate for every diamond in addition to the existing lab certificate to add extra information and to enhance its long term value. The digital certificate includes additional gemological information such as inclusion details, luster, shades, bowtie, etc. Furthermore, we provide you with top of the art video and photography that enable buyers to receive all the data required, easing their purchasing decision

Added Value Gemology

Each and every diamond you see over UNI goes through the exact same meticulous process, where we validate, evaluate and document all of the diamond’s added value gemology. We provide crucial information that adds value to your diamond, on top of the existing certificate, and allows buyers to have all the needed information when making their purchasing decision (e.g Luster, shade & bowtie).

From that point onward, the diamond is locked and sealed in Malca Amit’s vault until you place your purchasing order.

This gives us the ability to transform your diamond into an online saleable item, and allows buyers to buy diamonds online.

100% Transparency

Transparency is one of UNI’s core values. We will provide you all the data and support to optimize the odds of your diamond to be sold while you will always have 100% control of pricing offers in CoD / Bid / Memo terms. No Monthly fee nor yearly fee, we only charge 3% out of the total price agreed, which includes all delivery, shipping, insurance, your digital certificate and more.

Full Logistical Solution Without any additional costs

UNI’s exclusive partnership with Malca-Amit makes the logistical hustle effortless. All of the logistic is being taken care by us and guarantees the delivery and payment collection.