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Our Mission

Our vision is to build a transparent and trustworthy network, in which We Work for You; diamond buyers and vendors, BOTH. We connect between buyers and vendors and by taking care of logistics and security, we grant you the ability to do what you do best from anywhere on the globe to anywhere you desire.

Why Uni

UNI provides manufacturers, vendors and buyers the ability to seamlessly and digitally search, compare, value, bid and buy diamonds, verifying all the required information and market data.

For buyers, UNI provides the most elaborated details of data, video and imagery to ease your purchasing decision making. Furthermore, as a 100% open platform for all vendors from all around the world, UNI provides you access to the largest, most diverse inventory in the world. Each diamond added to UNI goes through a thorough gemology review and an in-depth inspection, on top of its attached gemological certificate. Therefore, UNI can commit that ALL diamonds on Uni.Diamonds are 100% certified polished diamonds.

For Vendors, our main aspiration is to allow you to focus on what you do best and let us take care of the rest. Uni.Diamonds, together with our logistic partner Malca-Amit, the 54 global locations, diamond industry logistic giant, can offer a full service package by providing wide-ranging trade logistics, insurance and delivery requests, all costs included. So why limit yourself to the buyers you already know today, as UNI gives you instant access to buyers from all over the world. All that you have left to do is to negotiate your price and MAZAL.

Buyer’s benefits


Get instant access to the world’s most diverse available-for-sale inventory of diamonds and find exactly what you are looking for. Knowing that UNI had formerly verified and inspected each diamond for you to make your purchase easier and more secure.

NO subscription fee, NO hidden costs

UNI’s business model is simple. We charge 3% from the total price agreed, which includes ALL costs such as: insurance, shipping, delivery, marketing, etc.

NO subscription fee, No shipping fee, No hidden clauses. You only pay for what you have purchased.

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UNI's logistic partnership with Malca-Amit guarantees that once a buyer selects a diamond at UNI and decides to make a purchase – all logistics, delivery and insurance service costs are included.


Manufacturers and vendors can focus on their core business, optimizing diamond polishing, while benefiting from vast cost savings. Our buyers gain full price transparency and guaranteed availability of certified and verified diamonds’ inventory from vendors all over the globe.

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Diamond trading has been stagnant for the past century without any significant shift to online trade. Online billboards and direct retail portals have become common only in the last decade. The benefits of the collaborative economy and advanced marketplace technologies had only recently been implemented.

UNI was founded and designed by diamond trading veterans for usage of all diamond trading parties. UNI founders have decades of experience within the diamond trading industry being a part of a three generations diamond trading tradition. UNI brings this traditional trading experience into the new digital trading arena facilitating new digital tools with traditional trading methodologies.

Our unique marketing position permits UNI to offer exceptional and incomparable transparency. All diamonds over UNI are physically kept with Malca-Amit and with UNI’s flexible vendor and buyer negotiation interfaces, we enable both parties to seamlessly reach a closing price.